Personal Coaching & Mentoring

So, you have a vision to achieve in your professional life. How will you achieve that vision?

We all have a dream OR vision in our minds of our ideal futures. What’s yours? Personal, Professional or both? What’s stopping you from achieving your ideal future? Why? How badly, deep inside yourself, do you want to achieve your ideal future? 

We can help you by pointing you in the right direction and putting you on the correct path in order for you to achieve your ideal future. We can’t do it for you however we can guarantee you will not have to walk that path alone. Once you start down your path we use the process taught to us in the military called, “Crawl, Walk, Run”. However before we get to this point we need the answers to the questions above. We will set up an initial free consultation, preferrably F2F however we could also set up an initial meeting through a video application. I.e. Skype. We will also discuss the engagement particulars at this time such as cost and scheduling.

What’s in it for us? 

Your success is our success. Through our engagement, the proverbial light, will come on and you will see clarity and a true path become very clear in front of you. When this happens you will, through your positive emotions start advertising for us. Not because we ask you to but because you will want to see those in your life, both personal as well as professional, to also succeed. You will see our core values and integrity when we work together and that in itself will help us develop our Personal Coaching & Mentoring Services. In advance, we wish to thank you for your trust and openness.  

It will not be easy however nothing easy is worth doing. Struggle Breeds Greatness! 

“As a mentor and coach, Brent was providing me invaluable guidance to get closer to both my career and personal goals. I wrote a book in three months, changed my mindset from being passive to being proactive resulting in a positive effect in my life. These achievements wouldn’t have happened so rapidly without the help of Brent. He is a great mentor and I can only recommend him.”

Andras Kapros

“Working with Brent has been a game changer for me. His direct communication, true values and continuous support were essential for taking on the rough journey towards such a “people-centric corporate leadership”, where leaders are followed by both clients and employees making sustainable business success a reality.”

László Dunai