Course summary

This entry level survival course will familiarize you with the gear and skills needed to keep you safe and alive for the important 72 hour window of rescue. Basic skills include fires, signaling, and shelters. Individuals will learn priorities of work, parallel operations and how to develop strategies and action plans that will give them the advantage to stay safe in almost any environment.

Course details

IMPACT Consulting- Basic Wilderness Survival provides you with the basics to survive. The course is designed for beginner to intermediate levels of experience and comfort levels with the outdoors. You will spend eight hours in the woods learning the importance of and putting together a good survival kit, then moving on into developing and keeping the correct mindset for survival. We will then move forward into the more “hands on” part of the course where you will learn some basic skills for survival. The course will provide you necessary skills and mindset for survival in the wilderness so you do not feel overwhelmed with the situation.

Topics covered

  • Survival mindset

  • Priorities of work

  • Survival kits

  • First aid kits

  • Fire starting

  • Safety considerations

  • Survival shelter

  • Knot tying

  • Procuring water