The Special Sauce

There are no problems, only solutions.  Easy right? Well not so but we still need to deal with the elephant.  It can be hard to admit something is wrong, but its a bigger wrong to ignore it.  But with the correct mindset which we call a “warrior mindset” anything is achievable.  Where we cut our teeth was places that movies are made from, where team success is inter-linked with survival.  Sounds like the corporate jungle doesn’t it?  Truth is truth and there is no difference from a war-torn country or business.  The goal is to thrive, not just survive.  We have taken our experience obtained from over 50 years working for governments and companies around the world learning from our failures and evolving.  

It's all about Growing

IMPACT provides programs centered around building individuals, teams, and organizations. We do not train just for the sake of training, but rather we train to provide you, your organization, or community growth and value creation. 

We want anyone who attends one of our courses to walk away with a better understanding of who they are, or what the company they work for truly represents and know that it will enhance performance in whatever your personal or professional endeavors may lead you, or simply prepare you to take on whatever everyday life throws at you.

In an average course you will realize your limitations are much more than you every imagined. In fact it may be the first time you really meet yourself. We do not train to the “lowest common denominator” but rather push the limits of individuals and groups knowing they will step up and perform to levels never imagined. Most of our courses are unorthodox and drawn from our years of experience working in extreme environments for international corporations and governmental organizations. It will be hard; it may even hurt, and it will provide you a new look on life. 



Organizational Efficiency & Effectiveness


"So your company is successful, great.  But where are you failing and why?"  Brent N. Cann Managing Director. We work with you to dig out the valuable context which builds a true action plan for full implementation and increased efficiency and effectiveness.

Team Development


You don't get to the top alone.  There is an entire ecosystem supporting your vision, strategy, and goals.  We help with clarity and alignment of teams to reach your vision.

Individual Development


We make your key people rock stars.  We work with them to understand their weaknesses and make them into strengths.  There are no problems, only solutions.

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