Extreme Leadership

Course Concept

We will work with your personnel by providing them real world examples of teamwork and unified approaches obtained through military training and experiences that serve as the driving mechanisms of the program. We will further work with teams to understand the “Warrior mentality” and how it relates to business, provide examples to the teams that never giving up, belief in a cause, and being able to perform basics on demand can push any organization forward, quickly.

The course is designed to build confidence in team members, communicate, and encourage parallel operations, and decentralized decision making. The individuals will learn quickly that working as a team is the only way in which the challenges can be achieved. By using both mental and physical stimulus, participants will be driven faster to team cohesion and trust in teammates. Individuals will be pushed beyond what they believed impossible, while also being held accountable to their team standards. The course is geared to push individuals to higher levels set by the program and team while steering away from the typical “lowest common denominator” training methods used by many companies. Our goal is to make employees better, push them to levels they never thought they could achieve, and provide them skill sets that will transfer to their work and daily lives.
The course will be composed of lecture, and hands on intervals of training. Each module will provide a lecture to teach employees the skill set, show them how it is done, then task them with a problem to be solved within a specified time frame. With each module individuals will be pushed, but allowed depressurization time post event so to not push them to a “mental shutdown” or breaking point. The use of threshold training approaches will bring them to the edge of breaking, then backing them back down to a relaxed state where they can digest the event, learn, and prepare for the next.
We will work with your leaders to understand the: purpose (end statement, intent), system (planning, leadership procedures, brief, execution, and after action review). We will provide you roadmaps to implementation of the programs used by military special operations forces.